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English Editing, Japanese to English Translation and Publication Support

More than 360,000 customers across 115 countries have sought our assistance on over 1,100,000 research papers

English Paper Editing
Editing of research papers

We are experts in editing research papers to be submitted for publication in English journals. Our deep understanding of scientific terminology is responsible for our reputation as a leading player in this industry. Not surprisingly, we win over 60% of our new customers through recommendations of our existing customers.

Our team of over 2,600 editors includes more than 2,000 native English speakers. A significant number of them are PhDs. Several of our editors are themselves academic authors and have published their own research in over 2,400 English journals. In addition, they have edited over 1,117,000 manuscripts of over 362,000 customers across 115 countries.

We cover nearly all English language journals including those with a high impact factor across over 1,200 specialized fields across medicine, physical sciences, engineering, life sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Our pricing starts at ¥ 5 / word. Same day delivery options are available.

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Japanese to English translation

We specialize in academic translation; translating research papers, abstracts and literature reviews. We also translate other manuscripts such as books, application documents, syllabus, reviewer comments, graduation thesis and web content.

All our Japanese to English translators are native speakers of English and have shown documented translation experience in their area of specialization. For example, we cover more than 220 specialized fields of medicine alone. We also cover physical sciences, engineering, life sciences, humanities, social sciences, business and economics.

Our final output accurately conveys the meaning of the source text, ensuring that the terminology related to the domain is used correctly and that the grammar and linguistic rules of the output language are followed.

Our pricing starts at ¥ 11 / character

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Publication support

Our Publication Support Services are designed to work with authors along their research journey, beginning with ideating a research question, designing a study, collecting and analysing data, writing a manuscript, choosing a journal, and culminating with manuscript acceptance, publication and dissemination research findings. We, at Editage, offer support to researchers and authors at every step of this publication journey. Some of our most popular and impactful Publication Support Services include:

  1. Literature Review: Identifying recent and relevant published literature to help you develop your research question and to support your research findings
  2. Manuscript Writing: Your manuscript is brought to life by an experienced subject area expert who will write your manuscript based on critical review of your analysed data and/or draft manuscript
  3. Pre-submission Peer Review: Thorough content review & actionable recommendations by a subject area peer reviewer
  4. Journal Selection: Identifying journals most appropriate for your manuscript
  5. Premium Editing: Checking and editing your manuscript for language, presentation and grammar
  6. Artwork Preparation and Journal Submission: Formatting, creating submission-ready files, and completing journal submission on your behalf
  7. Illustration and graphical Abstract: Creating a visually pleasing, scientifically accurate images or figures, and/or a graphical abstract that will allow readers to quickly gain an understanding of the main take-home messages of your paper.

At Editage, we are committed to helping you get published in reputed journals and making your research more accessible to a global audience. We will collaborate with you every step of the way to give your research the visibility it deserves!

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Journals we cover

Editage has helped research authors publish papers in high impact factor journals such as:

  • Nature (Impact Factor: 41.577)
  • Science (Impact Factor: 37.205)
  • Nature Communications (Impact Factor: 12.353)
  • PNAS USA (Impact Factor: 9.504)
  • Scientific Reports (Impact Factor: 4.122)

and 1,182 other journals across various subject areas

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Subject areas covered

Our services cover nearly every subject area across each of the following disciplines:

  • medicine
  • physical sciences
  • engineering
  • life sciences
  • social sciences
  • humanities

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